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Verbal Kwest is a dynamic duo breathing life and inspiration into hip-hop culture. Two emcees – known to most as BreevEazie and J.Kwest – are the force behind a campaign called “PureMusic,” which they describe simply: The soundtrack to a better life.

As “pure” musicians and ministers of the gospel, both Anthony “BreevEazie” Lowery and Julian “J.Kwest” DeShazier have forged respectable solo careers in their own right. BreevEazie is best known for his seminal LP Baby Food (2001), is a Holy Hip-Hop Award winner, and has opened for Deitrick Haddon, Donnie McClurkin, and Kanye West among others. J.Kwest is also an award-winning songwriter, has been featured on the Grammy-nominated Holy Hip-Hop: Taking the Gospel to the Streets series, Dr. Maya Angelou’s XM Radio program, and was celebrated as “Living Black History” by Urban Ministries International.

They come from different backgrounds – J.Kwest, holding two degrees (Morehouse & Univ. of Chicago) is the senior pastor of University Church in Chicago; BreevEazie is a “street smart��� lyricist who has turned his pain into profound expression – and Verbal Kwest unite with a deep love of God and hope for humanity. This makes them cohesive. This makes them powerful. This makes their work necessary in our world.

Whether on stage at the Taste of Chicago Festival, at MegaFest with T.D. Jakes, or at Operation PUSH headquarters, Verbal Kwest has proven that good music can be conscientious without alienating. They have traveled from coast to coast, and to Hiroshima, Japan: this is all a testament to the refreshment of PureMusic and the power of God moving in the lives of young people. Their effort? “To empower young minds to dream higher and believe in something bigger,” says BreevEazie. For J.Kwest: “The scripture says, ‘Taste and See.’ We taste, and rap so the world can see God…and live.”

Verbal Kwest’s first project, Batman & Batman, is about living in a world where we are fully super AND fully human, set for a 2011 release. To learn more, ask questions, for booking information, or even if you want to talk…hit us up! (info@verbalkwest.com).

For more information on the solo workings of J.Kwest and BreevEazie visit www.jkwest.com andwww.breeveazie.com.

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